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We love this  Mad Hatter quote from our Words of Wisdom collection. The Mad Hatter "Have I gone mad"? Alice, "Im afraid so your'e entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret all the best people are!" full of charm and Set with a 1.5mm diamond.
We think they are the perfect gift, for a friend, or perhaps, a person just embarking on their first journey alone, a protection and a reminder of those who love them, The  charms can grow with the wearer over the years, as new milestones and memories are made.
Our jewellery quotes are cherishes by their wearers, many hold them as a sacred Amulet. 
Please note: Due to the natural finish of the Sterling Silver there may be visible irregularities. This is considered to be a natural organic feature of the product.

• Made from 925 Sterling Silver
• Available in silver gold and rose gold vermeil finishes
• Dimensions 24 by 24mm
• Set with a 1.2mm diamond
• Interchangeable with Amulet charm bracelets and necklace chains

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